Options for Bobcat Tires – The Breakdown

Posted by Evolution Wheel on Oct 26, 2017 3:31:53 PM
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There are a variety of Bobcat tires available, in both air-filled, and solid versions. Picking the best Bobcat tire for your needs will help you to maximize the benefits of these Bobcat tires. Let's take a look at the different types of Bobcat tires and the benefits of each so that you can determine which is the best for your skid steer's use case.

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Air-Filled Bobcat Tires or Solid Bobcat Tires?

Air-filled Bobcat tires are cheaper to purchase upfront but come with several drawbacks that reduces the benefits of that lower cost. Most importantly from a cost perspective is that air-filled Bobcat tires do not last as long as their solid counterparts. Solid Bobcat tires can last three to five times longer than air-filled Bobcat tires. This leads to a decreased cost over time as tires need to be replaced less frequently compared to the short-term cost savings of the air-filled Bobcat tires.

The main reason people prefer solid Bobcat tires over air-filled Bobcat tires is that solid Bobcat tires are puncture resistant. When you are on the job site, flat Bobcat tires can significantly slow down your productivity, and as a result, cut into your profits. Solid Bobcat tires are a great insurance policy to ensure that flat Bobcat tires do not bring your workers to an unexpected halt.

To Foam Fill or Not to Foam Fill?

Some people choose foam-filled Bobcat tires over solid Bobcat tires when puncture resistance is needed. There are several drawbacks to this method of reducing punctures though. The extra stiffness causes a loss of traction and results in a much bumpier ride for the vehicle operator. In addition, the foam adds additional weight to the Bobcat tires which increases the stress put on the skid steer's drivetrain. For these reasons as well as the increased cost and reduced serviceability that comes along with foam-filled Bobcat tires, we do not recommend this option for your skid steer over solid Bobcat tires alternatives.

Which Tread is Best for You?

Bobcat tires come in a variety of tread types to match the terrain the skid steer will be operating on. Let's take a look at some of the different tread types available so you can decide which fits your use case the best.

  • All-Terrain Bobcat Tires - If the majority of your work is done on dirt, with a little mud or rocks thrown in, then all-terrain tires will suit you best. Their tread patterns are designed to give good traction on soft surfaces.
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  • Hard Surface Bobcat Tires - A lot of extra wear is put on Bobcat tires when it has to drive over hard surfaces. If your worksites consist of asphalt, concrete, or other hard surfaces, then the specialized tread of hard surface Bobcat tires will increase the lifespan of your tires while still maintaining some traction.

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  • Smooth Bobcat Tires - When even greater wear protection is required, smooth tread tires answer the call. The smooth tread of these tires maximizes the rubber contact to the ground and disperses the load over a greater area, resulting in longer tire life.

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  • Mud Bobcat TiresMud is an especially soft surface to have to drive in and as such can make it very difficult to maintain traction. Tires designed for use in the mud have extra deep treads to help grip into the mud and increase traction. These tires though will wear quickly in hard surface applications.

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  • Turf Bobcat Tires - Landscaping is a common use for skid steers. When driving frequently over meticulously manicured lawns and grass surfaces, you'll want to minimize the damage that your vehicle does to them. Turf tires are not very good for other surfaces, but they will help protect grass from the potentially destructive nature of your machine.

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As you can see, there are plenty of options available when shopping for Bobcat tires for your skid steer loader. Because these machines operate in such a wide variety of conditions, it is important to match Bobcat tires to the unique operating conditions that your skid steer works under. To find out more about Evolution Wheel's solid Bobcat tires visit www.evolutionwheel.com


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