solid skid steer tire
solid skid steer tire
175 hr
solid skid steer tire
422 hr
500 hr 700 hr 900 hr 1100 hr 1300 hr
(Inch /32 nd)
52/32nd 47/32nd 28/32nd Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Percent Tread Remaining
100% 90% 54% % % % % %
1100-1400 hr PROJECTED COST
$0.90 cents/hr USD HRS/32 WEAR
(hr/32nd WEAR)
30 hr / 32nd wear

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At a large scale demolition project in St. Louis, MO, Evolution Wheel is currently testing our EWRS-AT series tire. This is an application where the customer has multiple hazards to deal with including concrete abrasion, broken concrete and steel hazards, sidewall damage and pushing traction. Technicians are continuously looking for tire wear, chunking and cuts, heel/toe wear and stress cracking during testing.

The average lifespan of a solid tire here is 500hr and pneumatics are not even considered because of tire puncture problems. The customer has been running solid tires with a slick tread pattern because all terrain tread patterns have been prone to chunking in the past. While reducing chunking issues the slick tread pattern has reduced the customers traction and ultimately productivity. Evolution Wheel's EWRS-AT series Bobcat Tires is tracking to last over 1000hrs in this application doubling the customers previous equipment.

Demolition crew personnel operating the machine have commented on increased traction and pushing power over any tire they have previously used, a smoother more comfortable ride and the tires ability to stand up to the harsh working conditions. We will continue to update you as testing progresses.