Waste Transfer Station

hard surface skid steer tire
hard surface skid steer tire
326 hr
hard surface skid steer tire  
556 hr



hard surface skid steer tire
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
(Inch /32 nd)
52/32nd 32/32nd 27/32nd 05/32nd Coming Soon Coming Soon
Percent Tread Remaining
100% 62% 52% 15% Coming Soon Coming Soon
$0.96/hr USD HRS/32 WEAR
(hr/32nd WEAR)
17 hr / 32nd wear

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At a local waste transfer station in Manitoba, Evolution Wheel is testing our EWRS-HS series of hard surface skid steer tires. The skid steer at this facility works on concrete in a space the size of an average house all day long. Turning on concrete is one of the most abusive and abrasive applications for a skid steer tire. Technicians are continuously monitoring these tires for tire wear, chunking and cuts, heel/toe wear and stress cracking during testing.

The average life span of most premium pneumatic skid steer tires in this application is about 80-100hrs and other solid tire brands last for an average of 500-600hrs until there is no tread remaining. The EWRS-HS series of hard surface skid steer tire is tracking to last up to 1000hr before reaching the zero-tread point in tire wear.

Skid steer operators at the waste transfer facility have commented on a smooth ride the tire provides due to the perfect rolling circle of the tire tread design. They have also mentioned increased traction provided from being compressed under load when pushing piles of waste. Stay tuned for updates in this case study as we continue to monitor tire wear and performance.