The EWRS-PIVOT series of airless pivot tires from Evolution Wheel offers the most advanced airless technology to the irrigation market. This solution delivers serviceability, traction, and flotation into one impressive offering.

Our tread design and tire profile offer greater traction through mud and obstacles. The unique concave contact face helps eliminate rutting by keeping dirt under the tire, where it belongs. The face of the tire is pointed inwards. Compared to typical pneumatic irrigation tires which convex shape push mud out from under the tire, causing ruts.

Our proprietary segmented design bolts onto our high strength wheel, allowing you the ability to service the tire quickly, eliminating the need to change a tire in the field.

Unlike other airless pivot tires, the EWRS-PIVOT compresses flat pushing material out, it's a self cleaning system. The compressed cores elongate the footprint of the tire allowing it to wrap over obstacles increasing traction and reducing ground pressure.



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EWRS-PIVOT Irrigation Tires