The EWRS-PIVOT XT Series of airless pivot tires from Evolution Wheel offers the most advanced airless technology to the irrigation market. This aggressive solution is best suited for the worst areas in the field. Providing extreme traction, serviceability, and flotation all in one premium option.
The tread design on the EWRS-PIVOT XT offers even more traction through mud and obstacles compared to the EWRS-PIVOT, the XT Series has much larger lugs. This allows it to paddle through the worst problem areas in the field with ease. Similar to the EWRS-PIVOT Series, the XT version also has a concave contact face. Helping eliminate rutting by keeping dirt under the tire itself.
Like all our tires, the EWRS-PIVOT XT Series features our proprietary segmented design. Segments bolt onto our high-strength wheel, giving farmers the ability to service the tire quickly. Eliminating downtime and the need to change a tire in the field.
The EWRS-PIVOT XT Series compresses flat, the specially designed core geometry compresses completely to push material out. Creating a self-cleaning system. The compression also elongates the footprint of the tire. Allowing it to wrap over obstacles increases traction further while reducing ground pressure.