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*Also Available in Non Marking

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The EWRS-AT and EWRS-HS series of solid skid steer tires were designed to meet the needs of today's job site demands. We came up with a way to offer you serviceability, traction and a comfortable ride all in one

The EWRS-AT series of All Terrain solid skid steer tires are specifically designed for customers who need additional traction in mud, sand, and uneven terrain. The EWRS-HS series of Hard Surface solid skid steer tires master hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and general hard even surfaces. Both tread patterns are also available in our standard grey non marking compound.

With serviceable solid skid steer tires sections, the need for a service truck and specialized technicians is all but eliminated. We have reduced your service tooling down to only a 3/4" wrench in your operator's back pocket and repair parts are readily available in your nearest onsite storage container or in the toolbox of your pickup

We spared no expense in creating this product and weren't afraid to bring you the largest tread lugs in the industry for serious traction and a long wear life. By reducing the number of lugs on a solid skid steer tire, we were able to increase the width and height of each lug so we could get rid of the wear bars running through the center of any other solid skid steer tire you're going to see on the market. This gave us two things: large voids in our tread pattern allowing for unmatched material clean out, and a long wear life on our bigger lug.

To make this product the total package, we topped it off by engineering a smooth ride into our design. We worked hard to bring you a proprietary rubber compound that would allow enough compression to reduce operator fatigue and stand up to heavy loads. Did we mention that the compound is also designed so that it won't stress crack? Only a premium compound would do for a premium product, that's the Evolution Wheel standard.

  Actual Tire Dimensions  
Tire Size Overall Diameter Width Rim Diameter Wearable Tread Depth Weight Max Load Rating
----- Inch (mm) Inch (mm) Inch (mm) 32nd (mm) lb (kg) lb (kg)
10x16.5 31.5" 10" 20.5" 48 200 lb 4710 lb
(31x10-20) (800) (254) (521) (38) (91 kg) (2136 kg)
12x16.5 32.5" 12" 20.5" 52 220 lb 6780 lb
(31x12-20) (826) (305) (521) (42) (100 kg) (3075 kg)
14x17.5 36" 14" 24" 52 360 lb 8540 lb
(36x14-24) (915) (356) (610) (42) (163 kg) (3874 kg)

Solid Skid Steer Tires - Not Just Flat Proof!

The construction industry heavily relies on machinery such as solid skid steer tires not only to get the job done but done well and on time. So, when solid skid steer tires are down for any reason, your job's profit margin begins to shrink yet the clock continues to tick. Something as simple as a flat tire on a skid steer can stop a crew dead in its tracks. Typically, skid steers come equipped with pneumatic tires - an all-purpose, general use tire that works well in some applications. They provide good traction, operator comfort, and reasonable replacement cost. Despite this, pneumatic skid steer tire issues are: (1) low performance over various types of hazards, (2) high cost over the lifespan of the tires, (3) frequent downtime due to flat tires, and (4) low traction.

Solid skid steer tires are the answer to the problem of flat tires on the job site. Until recently, using a solid skid steer tire meant sacrificing traction and comfort. Ordinary solid skid steer tires can be very thin, which makes the operator feel as if they’re riding on the rims. Every little imperfection on the ground is transmitted through to the machine because of these inferior solid skid steer tires, making for an exhausted operator and a beat up machine. Also, because of the rubber compound used on regular solid skid steer tires, unless you’re operating on a reasonably flat solid surface, like a concrete pad, the lack of traction means that the skid steer will get bogged down on uneven ground.

The Evolution of the Solid Skid Steer Tire

Evolution Wheel has developed solid skid steer tires that address all the needs of various industries such as construction, land fill sites, recycling facilities, rock quarries, underground mining, farming, and many more. The different solid skid steer tire models offered by Evolution Wheel provide excellent durability, traction, cost savings, safety, and operator comfort that rivals pneumatic tires. These innovative solid skid steer tire designs also eliminate the need for specialized equipment and personnel to perform tire maintenance or replacement. Solid skid steer tires have always been more expensive than pneumatic or foam-filled tires. Forward-thinking construction companies have realized the long-term benefits of investing in equipment that gets the job done on time. 

Evolution Wheel's solid skid steer tires have been developed with the best, longest-lasting rubber compounds available and designed to outperform every other solid skid steer tire on the market. Our goal is to provide the best product at the fairest price for various types of industries.

Job Site Solid Skid Steer Tires

A set of solid skid steer tires operating on job sites has specific functions that it has to perform repeatedly thus reliability is key. There’s no time for flat tires, getting stuck in mud or calling a service technician to replace or repair tires. Job site solid skid steer tires have been developed with the sole purpose of reliability and performance. The deepest solid skid steer tire lugs available will power you through the muddiest worksite. On hard surfaces, the unique solid skid steer tire rubber compound and tire tread design will provide a comfortable ride along with durability. The innovative modular design allows anyone with a standard wrench to replace any sections should they become damaged.

Hard Surface Solid Skid Steer Tires

Skid steers that exclusively operate on flat, hard surfaces have their own unique set of requirements. They don't necessarily need the deep lugs like all terrain solid skid steer tires, but they still require good traction and long wear life. Typically, hard surface operations eat up all terrain solid skid steer tires quickly because of the increased friction. Tread depth and tread pattern are essential concerns - tread pattern channels fluids helping increase traction. Evolution Wheel’s top-of-the-line, severe duty hard surface solid skid steer tires have nearly a two-inch tread depth, which will help increase wear life up to 40%. Just like the all terrain tires, the hard surface solid skid steer tires have a modular construction, allowing anyone with a wrench the ability to service, repair or replace tire sections, with very little lost time or costs.


Whether working in varying terrain such as rocks, mud, and sand, or on solid surfaces such as asphalt or concrete, solid skid steer tires are the answer to the most common problems such as lost time, reduced productivity, and higher costs. Making the initial investment in the most superior solid skid steer tire on the market is key in avoiding these issues. Please contact Evolution Wheel for more information on all of our solid skid steer tires and to locate a dealer near you.