best bobcat tires for asphalt
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Watch the video above to see our EWRS-HS best bobcat tires for asphalt in action.


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Best Bobcat Tires for Asphalt

Best Bobcat Tires for Asphalt Features

Evolution Wheel Offers 4 Key Features

  • On-Site Serviceability
    • Our best bobcat tires for asphalt are made up of serviceable tire segments. Each segment is replaceable and can be changed with as little as a 3/4" wrench or ratchet. 

  • Comfortable Ride
    • Our best bobcat tires for asphalt are designed to ride like a pneumatic skid steer tire but without the bounce. Each tire is designed to compress while still standing up to heavy loads.

  • Superior Traction
    • We brought customers the tallest and widest tire lugs in the industry. With increased void space and no center wear bars, Evolution Wheel raised the bar in best bobcat tires for asphalt.

  • Unmatched Wear Life
    • By combining a unique tread design with a premium rubber compound, Evolution Wheel has been breaking wear life records in best bobcat tires for asphalt. Customers can expect 6x longer lifespan with our EWRS-HS than a standard pneumatic skid steer tire.


The EWRS-HS product series of best bobcat tires for asphalt were designed to meet the needs of severe duty customers working on hard surfaces and burning through tires on a daily basis.

By creating a unique tread design that increases surface area in contact with the ground, our EWRS-HS product series provides unmatched wear life on concrete and asphalt surfaces. Customers can expect a 30-40% increase in wear life over our ERWS-AT series product line, further reducing cost/hr and increasing their machine ROI's.

Tread pattern is one thing but tread depth is another! To make the new EWRS-HS product series meet the Evolution Wheel standard we gave it the most tread depth of any hard surface tire on the market. By maintaining a 52/32nd tread depth, Evolution Wheel is raising the bar in hard surface applications.

With serviceable tire sections the need for a service truck, specialized technicians and press on machines is all but eliminated. We have reduced your service tooling down to only a 3/4" wrench in your operator's back pocket and repair parts are readily available at your nearest onsite storage container or in the toolbox of your pickup.

best bobcat tires for asphalt