solid 4wd forklift tires
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The EWRS-RTF series of solid 4wd forklift tires were designed to meet the needs of today's job site demands. We came up with a way to offer you serviceability, traction and maximum stability all in one!

How many pneumatic or foam filled solid 4wd forklift tires have you had to change on your jobsite because of damage or sidewall gashes? With health and safety being as important as it is today a serviceable option was needed. Our team of engineers developed our EWRS-RTF series of solid 4wd forklift tires to be easily repaired if damaged, although we are not sure you will need to with the quality that went into our design and components.

With serviceable tire sections, the need for a service truck and specialized technicians is all but eliminated. We have reduced your service tooling down to only a 15/16" wrench in your operator's back pocket and repair parts are readily available in your nearest onsite storage container or in the toolbox of your pickup.

solid 4wd forklift tires work under a variety of conditions but one thing remains the same, safety is paramount. For this reason, we designed our EWRS-RTF series with maximum stability and load bearing capacity. A combination of our specially engineered core hole design and bidirectional tread pattern provide a very consistent and predictable loading profile.

To learn more about the EWRS-RTF series of solid 4wd forklift tires, give us a call or submit a quote request to speak with one of our product specialists. We will match the right tire to your specific jobsite needs.

solid 4wd forklift tires