Buying Solid Skid Steer Tires - Top 5 Reasons To Pay More

Posted by Evolution Wheel on Jun 25, 2018 3:30:00 PM
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As someone managing a construction company, you've no doubt learned about how important solid tires are on your skid steer loader. Yet, finding quality solid skid steer tires is usually a considerable expense you may feel isn't worth the investment. You may think paying more for a solid tire has no guarantee it will  hold up for as long as you expect.

Buying quality solid skid steer tires for your loader is one of the best investments you can make. While these do cost more, think about the old concept of getting what you pay for. Here are five iron-clad reasons why you should pay more for a quality solid tire. 

1. Rubber Compound

You'll want to find a solid tire company offering quality rubber since many compounds found in today's market have become inferior. One reason for theis lesser quality is due to the extreme competition in the solid skid steer tire industry. Many companies selling solid skid steer tires have outsourced manufacturing to countries such as China to find cheaper rubber compounds in order to reduce their costs.

Businesses that produce quality rubber for their solid skid steer tires here in North America are your best bet, even if it ultimately forces the tire company to charge more. It's worth it because a higher quality rubber is going to help with wear life on your solid skid steer tire as well as reduce chunking and stress cracking.

Look out for the cheaper materials out there. Much of it is lower grade natural rubber or carbon black.


solid skid steer tires


2. Wear Life

Over time, t's easy to do the math on using a cheaper grade solid skid steer tire. The less you pay for these lesser quality tires, the less wear life it's going to have. Many tire companies now use premium rubber compounds to increase the life of their tires. They're also using a higher quality carbon black to increase the life span of their solid skid steer tires.

Yes, you'll pay more for these tires, yet consider how much the tire pays itself back with an increased ROI on your jobsite. More wear life means more money in your company's pocket!



3. Chunking

How many tires have you used on your construction sites that chunked out? If you're new to the problem of "chunking", it pays to learn about what this is.

Chunking is when a large chunk of the tire tread comes off due to severe conditions. Demolition sites and rock quarries are places where tire chunking commonly occur due to the harsh and unredicatable terrain. Generally, cheaper solid skid steer tire that are made of lower quality conmpounds lead to quicker 'chunking' compared to high quality solid skid steer tires. This not only reduces the life of your soldi skid steer tires, but increases your overall costs.

This is another example why you should invest a little more for a top-tier solid tire. It prevents the chunking problem and increases the longevity of the solid tires on your skid steer loader. 


solid skid steer tires

4. Tread Depth

Did you know many tire companies reduce the size of the lugs on solid skid steer tires to reduce rubber usage and cost? Doing so makes treads more prone to fast wear. The smaller lugs can't disperse heat as well as larger lugs, which means they heat up quickly and wear faster.

When looking for a quality solid skid steer tire, make sure the lugs are taller and wider. If you notice a tire with an overly cheap price, chances are good the lugs are smaller, hence reducing performance.


5. Operator Comfort

Have you thought about how much your solid skid steer tires you buy affects the comfort of your equipment operators? It's a lot more than you may think, and you obviously want your workers to have a smoother ride when working.

Finding a solid tire with a premium compound means the compound will be designed for more give and movement. This allows for a smother ride over uneven surfaces and improved operator comfort.


To learn more about solid skid steer tires visit the Solid Skid Steer Tires Buyers Guide from Evolution Wheel.


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About this Blog

This Evolution Wheel blog examines the top 5 reasons to pay more for solid skid steer tires

  1. Rubber Compound - quality rubber compounds used in solid skid steer tires decreases chunking and stress cracking leading to increased tire use
  2. Wear Life - a higher grade solid skid steer tire means an overall increased wear life
  3. Chunking - a high quality solid skid steer tire means less chunking and increased tire life
  4. Tread Depth - tall and wide solid skid steer tire lugs means greater wear life
  5. Operator Comfort - a solid stkid steer tire with a premium compound means a smoother ride for the operator

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