Flat Proof Skid Steer Tires

Posted by Evolution Wheel on Jul 22, 2018 6:28:09 PM
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flat proof skid steer tires 

Skid steers are designed to work hard in harsh environments. These sturdy machines can deal with rugged terrain and changing conditions, making them ideal for a wide variety of heavy-duty applications.

However, outdated pneumatic skid steer tires can decrease the skid steer's efficiency. Pneumatic skid steer tires are prone to punctures and cuts, leading to a deflated tire and a temporarily useless skid steer. Switching to high-quality flat proof skid steer tires will save you time and money by improving your machine's performance in a number of ways.

No More Flat Tires

Flat tires are always a pain to deal with. A blowout can lead to a sudden loss of control. A slow leak can result in a poorly functioning machine and a flat on the machine when you show up to the jobsite is always a bad start to the day. Once a flat has been identified, the skid steer must be taken out of service long enough for the compromised tire to be fixed. Typically flats must be removed, assessed, then either repaired or replaced. 

Flat proof skid steer tires will nevergo flat. They can easily handle hazardous terrain that would be difficult for pneumatic skid steer tires, meaning far fewer tire changes overall.


flat proof skid steer tiresNo Downtime

Every time a skid steer is put out of service for a flat tire, that machine isn't working. In the meantime, the entire project may be held up waiting for the skid steer to get back on the job.

An individual flat may not take that long to change, but having to constantly replace deflated pneumatic skid steer tires can result in many hours of wasted time.   

Although flat proof skid steer tires may need occasional repairs, there is no need to remove them from the machine in order to do so. This means a skid steer with flat proof skid steer tires will typically get back to work more rapidly than one outfitted with pneumatic skid steer tires, even under harsh and punishing conditions.

Longer Wear Life

Inconvenient flats are only one drawback of standard pneumatic skid steer tires. Another problem is that they get worn down quickly during heavy use. This results in loss of traction, making the skid steer less efficient and harder to maneuver. Worn down tires are also more prone to punctures, blowouts, and other damage. This means that pneumatic skid steer tires need to be changed frequently, even if they don't go flat.

High quality flat proof skid steer tires take much longer to wear down. Crafted from durable, high quality rubber compounds and with uniquely designed tread patterns, flat proof skid steer tires are proven to outlast pneumatic skid steer tires by a wide margin.

Better Performance

The innovative technology that goes into designing flat proof skid steer tires shines through in the tires performance on the job. Operators of skid steers equipped with flat proof skid steer tires report better control in rough conditions, increased stability, and less bounce than they were accustomed to with pneumatic skid steer tires.

More Time Working Equals More Profit

flat proof skid steer tires

In addition to the expense of replacement tires, downtime is costly as well. Every hour workers spend waiting around for a tire to be changed is an hour they could have spent getting work done. Also, the ROI of the skid steer decreases the longer it sits idle. These factors combine to lower the overall profit margin of the job.

By eliminating the hassle of frequent tire changes, you can maximize the time your skid steer spends working. This means the job gets done faster. Less downtime for repairs also saves money. The right flat proof skid steer tire can be a critical component of helping you finish the job on time and under budget.

Stop wasting your valuable resources dealing with obsolete pneumatic skid steer tires. High quality flat proof skid steer tires are better at getting the job done.     


To learn more about flat proof skid steer tires visit the Flat Proof Skid Steer Tires page from Evolution Wheel.  


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About this Blog

This Evolution Wheel blog discusses the benefits of airless skid steer tires.

  • Eliminate Flats - airless skid steer tires eliminate costly and time-wasting flats that pneumatic skid steer tires experience regularly.


  • Extended Wear Life - airless skid steer tires are designed for increased wear life due to their high-quality rubber compound which means replacing tires less frequently and reducing costs.


  • Increased Traction - because of their sturdy, heavier, and solid construction, airless skid steer tires outperform pneumatic skid steer tires due to their increased traction.


  • Reduced Downtime - due to the elimination of flats, repairs, and lower tire replacement time, airless skid steer tires drastically reduce your loader's downtime. 

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