Problems and Solutions for Bobcat Tires

Posted by Evolution Wheel on Nov 2, 2017 9:49:44 AM
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Bobcat tires are put under a lot of stress. This can lead to a variety of problems that can be easily overcome by purchasing the correct tire for your application. In this post, we'll go over some factors that you may want to consider when purchasing your next set of Bobcat tires.

Problem #1 - Flat Tires

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If your Bobcat is routinely driving in an environment that makes punctures easy, then flat tires can be a very expensive problem. Construction sites, waste disposal stations, and similar areas can be filled with the type of debris that can easily go unseen by the driver and lead to a punctured tire. Luckily, there are a couple of solutions that can reduce, or eliminate puncture damage to your Bobcat tires.

Solid tires are the most efficient way to do so. Although they are a little more expensive than their air-filled counterparts, solid tires will more than make up for the cost when you account for how much you would otherwise spend replacing punctured tires.

You could also choose to fill your bobcat tires with foam. Foam filled tires will help reduce the damage that a puncture does to a tire but come with some problems of their own. They are heavier than solid tires and as such add additional stress to the drivetrain. Foam-filled tires are also harder to service than their solid or air-filled counterparts.


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Both solid and foam-filled tires also have the added advantage of never having to deal with a broken bead from an air filled bobcat tire again. This means you can traverse uneven ground and climb objects on an angle with ease without worrying about side impact damages.

Problem #2 - Bouncy Ride

Air-filled tires can result in a nice, smooth ride. But air-filled tires bounce a lot. If your terrain needs involved putting a lot of shock on your bobcat tires, your operator may find themselves bouncing all over the place.

Solid tires can significantly reduce the bounce, but cheaper variants may result in a rough ride. High-quality solid tires, however, will be made of ideal materials to provide a smooth ride for the operator without bouncing them around excessively.

Problem #3 - Poor Quality and Short Wear Life

There can be a variety of conditions that lead to a shorter life than you would like to have from your Bobcat tires. In this section, we'll go over a few and talk about some things you can look for in a tire to mitigate the problems that those conditions cause.

If your machine operates on asphalt, concrete or other hard surfaces the majority of the time, then it will experience significantly more abrasion and wear than tires on softer surfaces are asked to endure. Hard surface Bobcat tires are specially designed to put more rubber in contact with the ground. By doing so, the weight of the machine is spread out over a larger area and wear from abrasion is greatly reduced.

In addition to hard surface wear, some cheaper tires are simply more susceptible to wear and tear. Hard surface bobcat tires are clearly designed to minimize the amount of wear on the tire, as we've already mentioned. But they may not always fit the terrain that your Bobcat tires are expected to operate on.

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In this cases, any solid tire will also have better wear life than air-filled tires do. This is because of the thicker, higher quality rubber that solid tires are made from.

Segmented tires also offer a great benefit in the quality and wear life category. Because segments of the tire can be replaced individually, the need to replace the entire tire when just one portion has gone bad is eliminated.

Since it is frequently the case that the problem with a tire is isolated to one area, great amounts of time and money can be saved by not having to remove and replace the whole tire.


Hopefully, this post has given you some idea of how you can solve some common problems with your Bobcat tires. Be sure to check our product range as Evolution Wheel has a variety of tires that are suitable for all types of very demanding applications.


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This Evolution Wheel blog addresses 3 main problems that Bobcat tires experience and presents the superior alternative tire to eliminate these problems.

  • Flat Tires - becuase Bobcat tires are pneumatic (air filled) tires they frequently go flat leading to costly downtime and repair costs


  • Bouncy Ride - due to being air-filled, Bobcat tires are known to be a bouncy ride for your operator


  • Poor Quality and Short Wear Life - Bobcat tires wear quickly leading to a short wear life meaning you're replacing tires more often than necessary

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